Shapes & Sizes

Bespoke canvases can be designed in various sizes, both square and rectangular.  The joy of having a small company that uses human beings instead of just machines is that I can ask them to make things exactly the way you want them - at least, wherever possible!

Canvases are printed using Giclee technology and are coated with Giclee varnish for extra protection.  Each 430gsm canvas has an Archival Quality Certificate issued by the Fine Art Trade Guild, which means that the high quality and print permanence has been tested and confirmed. These products can be expected to last over one hundred years.


For the best results we need a maximum of 100 single words or phrases of 2-3 words for a freeform design print.  One or two longer sentences / phrases could also be incorporated.  For a block design print we need up to 50 words or phrases of 2-3 words.



Freeform design canvas - 42cm x 29.7cm, Gill Sans in 'The Greys'


Freeform design canvas

Gill Sans in 'The Greys'


Bespoke design canvas

Garamond in 'Forties Ocean'

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